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People have many terms for a person who helps them buy or sell Anchorage real estate.
Unfortunately, because we are from Alaska (which is full of nice people, particularly in Anchorage...) some of those terms cannot be printed here and are at best, considered unconventional.

Agent or REALTOR?
Most of the time, when buyers and sellers refer to a real estate salesperson, they say agent or realtor. Did you catch the mistake? In truth, there are actually two errors. First of all, there are only two syllables in realtor even though one hears three syllables ninety per cent of the time, with an extra a, I, or eh added in. Secondly, “realtor” should be capitalized and trademarked because it is not a job description.
REALTOR® is a specific title given to a real estate sales person who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and the associated state and local boards. There are many distinctions that separate a REALTOR® from their non-associated peers but we think the most important is their promise to adhere to a very comprehensive code of ethics. This code not only speaks to the ethical treatment of clients but to the ethical treatment of others in the profession.

Anchorage REALTORS
Okay, so all agents are not necessarily REALTORS®. That is almost correct but again, here is another error, at least in this state. There are no real estate agents in Alaska. There are however, many real estate licensees. I am not a lawyer and therefore won’t even pretend to discuss agency. Suffice it to say that those who do discuss it with persuasive powers have done away with that definition to describe the duties and responsibilities of a real estate sales person and instead have legally defined a real estate salesperson as one who has been duly licensed by the state, in our case Alaska to practice the trade.

Our Anchorage REALTORS
Here at Coldwell Banker Best Properties of Anchorage, all sales associates are Anchorage REALTORS® and licensees. Other brokerages must employ licensees to practice but they do not have to be REALTORS®. As a buyer or seller of real estate, one should know if the person they are asking to represent them is indeed licensed to do so and as a practical matter, know if they are a REALTOR®. Next time you hear one of these terms used, tell them that they are not using an “agent” and that “realtor” isn’t even a word. Up next, What is an Anchorage Broker?