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Here at Coldwell Banker Best Properties in Anchorage, we have one Broker of Record, five Associate Brokers and the remainder Salespersons. When you are in the Anchorage Real Estate Market it pays to know the difference.

What is an Anchorage Broker?
We discussed a licensee as a real estate salesperson, licensed by the State of Alaska to practice real estate. Is an Anchorage Broker something completely different? Yes and no. A Broker is also licensed, but holds a higher category license, requiring experience and a more inclusive knowledge base. A real estate licensee in Anchorage, and more importantly the State of Alaska, who holds the introductory license category “Salesperson” must be supervised by a licensed “Broker”. There are potential issues whenever people and money are combined; the Broker is responsible for resolving the issue to the satisfaction of the statutes, rules, regulations and hopefully, to the satisfaction of all parties. If need be, the Broker of one firm and the Broker of the cooperative firm in a transaction, work together to arrive at a resolution.

Is there only one Broker per firm? Again, yes and no. There may be many licensed persons in a real estate firm who have taken the classes and passed the testing required to hold a Broker’s license but there can only be one Broker of Record per state law. In order to recognize the abilities of those other persons, an “Associated Broker” license exists. This higher category license allows an Associated Broker to assume the Broker of Record’s position temporarily, start their own firm or move into the position permanently.

Does this mean that a licensed “Salesperson” is in any way less capable than a Broker or Associated Broker? Not by any means. All it means is that the Broker/ Associated Broker have taken more training, passed an additional test and in most cases, have a desire or the option of becoming a Broker. As a consumer who is concerned with the level of expertise a potential representative has, a more accurate measure may be number of years selling real estate.

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