Coldwell Banker Difference

What’s the difference between one Anchorage Real Estate firm or another? Does it really matter?

Does branding have anything to do with the quality of a real estate agent? Another way of asking this is, do people hire a brand or do they hire an agent? Since most of the business done by a successful agent is the result of people that know, like and trust them, one could make a case that branding doesn’t mean much. Of course, people new to Anchorage, might tend to go with a brand that they have had experience with in the past but let’s put that aside for a moment.

As a brokerage owner of Coldwell Banker Best Properties in Anchorage Alaska, I think the value of my brand, Coldwell Banker, is not in attracting consumers but in attracting successful licensees or Realtors who in turn, attract the consumer. That being true, the brand must have values for the agents and my agents will have the values that the brand requires.

Let’s look at it this way: Coldwell Banker Best Properties of Anchorage requires the highest levels of professionalism, ethical performance, customer service, and results and to facilitate that, provides my brokerage with technology, education and systems. These are things that attract a certain type of Realtors to our agency.

How are the values of a brand determined? Legacy is one indicator. Coldwell Banker, is the oldest real estate brand in the United States, over 100 years old. Mr. Coldwell was a real estate salesperson in San Francisco when the earthquake of 1906 occurred, causing fantastic destruction and loss of many important records, such as deeds. Mr. Coldwell became aware of properties being bought by his peers and sold for unsubstantiated high prices and started a company that prohibited such breaches of ethical behavior.

Mr. Banker soon joined him in 1913 with the result that professionalism and ethical behavior are firmly woven into the fabric of the brand. By 1990, Coldwell Banker was in all 50 states and in 1995 distinguished itself by being the first national brand to have an online presence,, which in 2012 was the most visited national brand according to Nielsen ratings reports. In addition to legacy than, Coldwell Banker is also a leader in innovation. Bottom line, my brand lives out the values I want my REALTORS® to have and be known for. Does branding have anything to do with the quality of the licensee? You be the judge.

With Coldwell Banker Best Properties of Anchorage Alaska you can count on having a brand behind your transaction that has the clout to make sure things get done right the first time.