Best Neighborhoods in Anchorage

When you’re looking at homes for sale in Anchorage, take some time to consider the different neighborhoods in the area.

Different neighborhoods suit different lifestyles and can make a difference when considering homes. Our agents are knowledgeable about all the best areas of Anchorage.

Downtown Anchorage
A great spot because of the instant and easy of access to amenities and city life. There are lots of choices of Condos with varied amenities to suite any home buyers needs. Downtown Anchorage gives homeowners more of an urban feel as well as a lot of choices.

Eagle River
Just outside Anchorage is a popular community. Many residents live in Eagle River and work in Anchorage. Eagle River Alaska is a great setting for people that like the outdoors. There are several looping trails that access the Iditarod Trail.

East Anchorage
East Anchorage extends toward the mountains and offers a good mix of historical neighborhoods. East Anchorage is also home to the University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University. There’s are also a great selection of parks to make this a great place to buy a home or raise a family.

Midtown Anchorage
Midtown offers homebuyers a central location with easy access to the University and the hospitals, as well as wonderful spots to eat and shop. Many clients looking for real estate in Anchorage love the charms of Midtown.